The ABS-CBN News Channel asked us to redesign their logo and update it for the new generation of viewers. Along with this, we were also in charge of cascading the branding to the on-air channel templates.

With the onset of new competitors in the business & news channel category, our main strategy was to create a logo that will also remind everyone that the channel has been at this game for almost 20 years already. ANC is the first (and still) 24/7 news channel in local cable TV. We do not want to create a totally new logo and disregard its long-standing equity. We wanted to acknowledge this by paying homage to the different iterations of the logo through the years. This will serve as a reminder to everyone that ANC was the first one to lead this game, and is still very much leading it.

Quick trivia: The design was inspired by an animated film:  Rhapsody in Blue from Disney. There was a few cuts at the start of the film wherein there were these lines traveling through the frame. As the camera zooms out, it is revealed that the lines were defining the contours of the cityscape.

Based on this, we made use of lines on the template to suggest city lines and city grids, albeit in a subtle, understated way.

After designing all the templates the channel will use for broadcast, we were also tasked to redesigned each of the news & current affairs shows under the channel. Needless to say, it was a monumental task to conceptualize & design for almost 30+ shows, aiming to give each show a distinct look but still keeping all of them on-brand.

We started working on the logos by treating them as individual companies under an umbrella corporation. From there, we developed them in 3D, adding depth and gloss to the finish.

Client: ABS-CBN News Channel
Producer: Rely de Guzman
Director: Acid House
2D & 3D Design: Ivan Despi
Animation: Gedrocks Roldan, Dale Dellosa, Michael Muya, Ivan Despi
Music: Client
Reel edit: Danyel Maxin Santos
Reel Music: Youtube Audio Library

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