This year we were again commissioned by Bassnectar to create a new set of visuals for his live sets.
One of his main inputs was the specific palette he wants to see. Using this peach, lilac and gold palette, we developed the 'Godflower' concept, an immaculately-detailed divine flora that blooms and produces cosmic nectar that is precious to the gods.

As we proceeded with animation, Bassnectar also suggested that we cut the visuals to 'Was Will Be', one of the new tracks off his latest 'Reflective' EP.
The song and the visuals both debuted last weekend at Electric Forest 2017. You can see a clip from the show below.

Below are some videos from attendees of Electric Forest 2017, where the song and visuals were performed for the first time.

Client: Bassnectar
Producer: Brandon Ginsberg
Design & animation: Ivan Despi / Acid House

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