In the dead of night,
a monster of a truck blazes down the superhighway, accompanied by 3 loaded jeepneys.
What could be the epic awesomeness that lurks inside?
And why are 3 more monstrous trucks hot on its tail?

Freitag ( is a Swiss company heavily involved in R.I.P.S. (Recycled Individual Products) and as a part of their Tarp Blanche series, they gave us carte blanche to intrepret 'From Truck Till Bag', their bag-creation process. The brief was simple: It has to start with a truck, and it has to end with a bag, which in this case, was their brand new F155 Clapton model.

Everything else in between was up to us.

This film debuts their newest model, the F155 Clapton. Acid House is the first studio they commissioned outside of Europe, and we're really happy to be a part of this brand and their vision. Below are some of screenshots from the film.

When we asked Freitag which piece of our work they liked best, they mentioned Renegade Jeepney. This convinced us to expand that concept, and so we developed the characters originally made by 5-year old kid Grey into 3D, so that they can interact with the renegade trucks. 

As an extra touch of subtle branding, we made the 4 characters carry older models of Freitag bags on their backs.


Each of the trucks that we used had a specific purpose. One was where the main rock gig will happen on the go, another was used to capture the tarp and cut it into pieces, one for washing, and another will sew these tarps together and create the bags.

When we were designing these trucks, our initial stuff weren't working. That's when Pauline came up with the idea of giving the rigs zoomorphic qualities, and so we started associating different animals to the purposes of the different rigs. 

Here are some more developmental sketches spanning the animation, the environment and other elements that unfortunately got left out in the final cut.

Environment and color studies, inspired by the work of Hans Bacher

And last but definitely not the least, here's the character card Danggit King, featuring bad trombone play :)

Drinking Fuel + Smoking Tires
A True Freitag Story by The Acid House

Direction: The Acid House
A project by Freitag
Based on characters by Sebastien Grey Despi
Creative Direction: Pauline Despi & Ivan Despi
Concept art: Ivan Despi, Gerone Perez & Jo Gregorio
3D Modeling & animation: Rod Tinapay & Ivan Despi
Rigging & UV Mapping: Rod Tinapay
Lighting, rendering & composite: Ivan Despi
2D cel animation: Gerone Perez, Jo Gregorio & Jill Baniqued
Graphic Design: Jo Gregorio & Jill Baniqued
Music & Sound Design: Diego Mapa
Sound assists: Vito Mapa, Estella Mapa & Stacey Mapa

Special thanks to:
Oliver Brunschwiler
Tanita Bohny
Douglas Koh
Hans Fernandez
Urban Traveller Co.
Hydra Design Group
Chester Ocampo
Tish Ong
Swistblnk Design Studio
Aaron Amar
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