ETC is a young female-oriented cable channel that consists of talk shows, dating shows, sitcoms, drama series, reality shows and entertainment news from the US. In their rebrand last July 2014, they asked us to create a series of idents based on the different equities they identified for their channel. The logo was designed in-house by client, which was then handed over to us to play with.
By play, client wanted us to play with the circle in the logo, even the pattern in the drop shadow of the logo. The only thing that should be left sacred will be the 'etc' text itself.
Here are the 5 idents that we made for them.
We really wanted the 5 idents to contain a little something that we can do or would like to do, so we did some crafting, actual shoot, digital 2D imaging & also 3D modeling & animation.
Some of the numerous frames that were made in developing the final look for the idents. You can also see below a shot of the twigs we painted for one of the idents.
We were also asked to create an omnibus ident, drawing from the material of all 5 previous idents.
ETC idents
Client: ETC Channel
Direction: The Acid House
Design: Ivan Despi
2D paint: Gerone Perez & Jo Gregorio
2D animators: Gerone Perez, Jo Gregorio, Ivan Despi
3D modelers: Dale Dellosa & Ivan Despi
Music: original from Client
Airing date: July 2014
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