Graphika Manila 2014 official poster

Graphika Manila is the premiere design conference in the Philippines. The international speakers for this year were Jessica Hische, Ash Thorp, The Mill, Dvein & Sara Blake, along with local speaker Isabel Gatuslao.

We were asked to work on the branding for this year's event. We started with the idea of gods coming down to connect with its people, and from this basic idea it all spun out to notions of dissecting gods and figuring out what makes them breathe. We used a design aesthetic that fuses Pinoy ethnic culture and abstract ethereal forms.
Everything was done in-house: from the illustrations, 3D modeling, design, animation and musical score. 
Here are some developmental sketches when we were trying to lock the unique look that we wanted for the branding of this year's Graphika Manila.
Here's a rundown of the materials that we made for this year's event. We were conscious about making the whole look too red, that is why we were playing with shifts in the background colors.
For the website, we only did a mock-up for the design before the awesome Rico Sta. Cruz finalized it and turned it into the awesome set-up it is now ( Our main contribution for the site were the background loops used for some of the sections.
We were also asked if we wanted to design the Graphika tee. We took up the challenge since we're excited to do some apparel design. The one on the right got printed.
Up next we have some developmental frames for the opening titles. This is where we convey the complete origin concept that resulted into the visuals present in the poster and other event paraphernalia.
We also made a large number of animated 2D elements for the opener. These are the same elements you see i the poster itself. The titles itself were given the same treatment in terms of animation.
Here is the original musical score composed by Pauline Vicencio-Despi of The Acid House for the GM opener.
The video below is the teaser vid that was launched one week before the event. We re-created the video in various formats and aspect ratios in order to cater to varying sizes of LED billboards.
Here (again) is final and complete opening titles for Graphika Manila 2014.
Lastly, we'd like to thank the organizers, Aram & Ella of Graphika Manila, for this opportunity. :D
Credit list

Client: Graphika Manila 2014
Concept: The Acid House
Direction, design, 3D modeling, animation & compositing: Ivan Despi
2D animation: Gerone Perez, JC Revilloza & Ivan Despi
Original Score: Pauline Vicencio-Despi

February 2014
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