Inspiring Journeys by Toyota
Reddit / Toyota
Inspiring Journeys is a set of two stories written by Toyota users on Reddit. Both stories were then illustrated to create two 45 second animations viewable on the Reddit platform. Once the stories were selected, I went on a journey of researching the places and moods that I was going illustrate. Worked on storyboards to see how many steps and sequences were going to be needed to tell each story while making each frame animatable and aesthetically pleasing. I wanted a soft and warm mood in line with Toyota's brand style while pushing the poetic feel. One storyboards and color tests were approved, I moved into final renderings and image preparation for my friends at The Acid House in the Philippines for animation of the stills and integration of the vehicles. 
Inspiring journeys / Parenting storyboards
Sketches x final renderings
Inspiring journeys Road trip storyboards
Inspiring journeys Parenting storyboards
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