'MUST LOVE MANILA' - Tiger Translate Streets 2012

We were asked by Kult3D Singapore to create an animated piece based on Bjornik's highly-detailed artwork for Tiger Translate Streets 2012. The artwork, entitled 'Must Love Manila', was not really prepped for animation so we had to pick it apart and create layers in order to animate it as much as possible.

In our animated version, we wanted to convey the idea of progress. We wanted to show how the Manila streets evolved from just a few sidewalk stands to a whole thriving community. With a lot of Bjornik's original elements at play, we totally had fun building the world from a few slabs of concrete and hut shops to the artist's final artwork layout.

There is no audio for this piece since playback launch was done during Tiger Translate's Mongolia event.
Client: Tiger Translate / Kult3D Singapore
Artwork: Bjornik
Animation: The Acid House
Reconstruction artists: Ivan Despi, Dale Dellosa, Ikil Muya, Pauline Vicencio
Animation: Ivan Despi, Dale Dellosa, Ikil Muya
Final Comp & Edit: Ivan Despi
August 2012
The artist's actual artwork. We had to make adjustments in order to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio of the video.
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