AKQA Shanghai x The Acid House

NIKE SNKRS App launch video


Back in 2017 we were tapped to work on a pioneering app for Nike Shanghai's launch of SNKRS.

The app was designed to host detailed dioramas of rare kicks that the users had to guess in order to win the chance to purchase the sneakers. We created these 3D 'sets', which needed to run in HTML5 so that the users can interact with it in the app. The elements in these dioramas were amalgamations of facts based on the identity and history of the shoe design, so it was definitely a challenge to layout and make them visually interesting.

Once the app was ready, we also worked on the 30s promo for the launch. Agency AKQA Shanghai gave us a rough idea of what they want for the video. We ended up with a storyboard playing with the Nike packaging for the first half, debuting this strange amalgamation of different clues that we came to call as the 'Frankenshoe'

Client: Nike SH
Agency: AKQA Shanghai
ECD: Eric Cruz
Creative: Joshua Lim, Ed Yap
Directed by: The Acid House
Storyboard: Ivan Despi
3D design and animation: Ivan Despi & Ged Roldan
3D assets for the SNKRS app:
Rod Tinapay, Ged Roldan, Jeff Belen, Ivan Despi

Design layouts by Elbert Uba

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