'Renegade Jeepney is Acid House's entry to the first-ever NOISE X GIFFEST Singapore, held this October 2017.
This is a tribute to the pride (and sometimes pain) of the legendary Manila roads. We want to give them an illusion of speed that can satisfy their appetite.
A little bit of trivia: the characters on the jeepney were designed by our youngest collaborator ever, the 5-year old Umibozu Grey Kid. :)

This piece is inspired by illustrations from 5-year old Umibozu Grey Kid (left) and Ivan Despi (right). 'Renegade Jeepney' features the 5-year old's characters Umibozu, Jashrine, Danggit King & Random on blazing-fast wheels. You can check out how one of them is animated in the video below.
One of the early models of the jeepney, when it was still designed as hover jeepney. Decided to give it wheels so that it can interact better with the converyor belt / threadmill.
Here's the final animated piece, scored to Radioactive Sago Project's 'Astro'
This was how it was exhibited, we added LED strips on the left and right sides to accomodate the 4:3 screen size. Thank you again to KULT, NOISE Singapore, GIFFEST, Tanya Wilson & Steve Lawler for the chance to be a part of the first-ever GIF festival in the woooooorld! :)
Noise x GIF Fest 2017 - SPELLBOUND.GIF is billed as one of Singapore’s largest GIF event to-date. The Festival caters to today’s technology-loving generation. It aims to provide a voyage of illusions created by some of today's most exciting young image makers.

The exhibit went live last October 04-11 2017, at Blk 7 Gillman Barracks, SG

'Renegade Jeepney'
Character design: Umibozu Grey Kid
2D animation, 3D design & animation : Ivan Despi
Borrowed Audio: 'ASTRO' by Radioactive Sago Project

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