Spotify 'You Do You' Fall Campaign 2021

Last 2021, we were approached by Pixel People Singapore to work on the Spotify Premium brand.

The plan was to create illustrations for 'You Do You', Spotify's Fall 2021 campaign. The goal was to celebrate each music lover's individuality by showing their unique & quirky musical moments as they listen to the millions of songs available on tap from Spotify.

This campaign was initially designed to cater to the local Filipino audience. However, after delivery of first concept sketches, it was expanded to cover other countries and cultures as well.
At the start of the project, our insight as Filipinos was necessary in fleshing out the initial locally-themed concepts that was laid out by the agency. We collaborated with them and came up with a list of about 20 illustration concepts which we narrowed down to 10 for execution.
We then proceeded to define the palette and the patterns that we want to use. There were a number of illustrators working on this project so we wanted the look to at least be consistent in terms of the colors and the textures used.
After the illustration were approved, the next phase was handled by our animators. We first developed storyboards for each of the illustrations in order to determine what kind of movement they could do for each of the loops.

Once these were signed off by the agency, our team went to town on the main animation work. 
You can view some of the loops here featured with the final Spotify Premium layouts.
Since these spots were deployed to different markets, we also had to execute them with different languages for the layouts.

These are the ones for the Hong Kong HK markets.
Pixel People
Strategy Director - Fern Yit Lim
Creative Director - Arthur Lim, Colin Ong
Strategy and Project Management - Yisan Cheong, Boon Yang Lau

The Acid House
Animation Direction - Ivan Despi
Illustration - Mica Bautista, Bel Weber, Glendford Lumbao, Ivan Despi
Animation - Cherylee Sng, Mervin Malonzo, Dan Tolosa 

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