It was UNIQLO Manila’s 1st anniversary and they are celebrating by launching UTme! for the first time ever in the Philippines. The brand has teamed up with 10 local artists to create The Art of The Philippines: a 10 t-shirt collection that imagines our tomorrow in beautiful, vibrant art.

The studio was asked to create various poses of the tees in motion to showcase the designs, which they then used to launch the campaign. This 45-seconder video is the animated version of those renders. We allocated a lot of time for R&D in order to generate a good number of permutations for the cloth simulation, which kept the piece engaging throughout.

Thank you so much to Uniqlo, Made by Anonymous, Dan Matutina, Dang Sering & the 10 artists: Manix Abrera, Mika Bacani, Happy Garaje, Otto Björnik, Isabel Weber, Soleil Ignacio, Auggie Fontanilla, CMYKa (Myka Arnado), Rob Cham, and Ev Yu.

Endless cloth simulation & texturing by Peter Palanas & Gedrock Roldan!
Comp and final edit by Ivan Despi
Music by Diego Mapa

The Acid House 2019

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